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Add a new dimension to your navigation

Performance accessible to all

Have you already mastered a boat ?
Thats enough to get on board, Welcome to the world of foilers

100% Fun

With a range of use as wide as that of a classic dinghy, between 4 and 25 knots, there’s no need to wait for optimum weather conditions to go foiling. With the Gerys 4.7, when you decide to go out on the water, you go out on the water, and the boat adapts to local conditions. Gone are the constraints of foilers requiring a wind range between 10 and 18 knots.

Adapt to your needs

Whether you’re planning a picnic on the island in front of you with two adults and two children on board, a sporting outing with your best mate, or enjoying the summer thermal breeze on your own, the Gerys 4.7 will take you wherever your desires take you.


Of course, when we talk about performance, we’re talking about speed. Like all foilers, the Gerys 4.7 excels in this area, with a recorded peak of 23.5 knots. But the Gerys’s performance also stands out in light airs, with a take-off from 8 knts of wind, a very good upwind run at 14 knts at 55° from the wind, and an almost full downwind descent.

Progression range

The Gerys 4.7 lets you fly right away. But don’t worry, the range of progression remains immense, so there’s no time to get bored. After your first foiling jibe, you’ll need to work on genoas unwinds, buoy wraps…
For our part, we’re trying to pass the foiling tack. Can you get there before us ?